Standard Rooms

  • Deluxe Room

    Best for couples and friends wanting to explore the old-world charm, this room has options for Plaza Belmonte, Plaza Marcelino (river view), beach front, or accessoria view. It has a total floor area of 36 sqm and can accommodate a minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 guests.
  • Large Superior Deluxe

    Located along Estero de Binondo, this accommodation, offers magnificent view options of Plaza Marcelino, beach front, or the plaza. Ideal for small groups wanting to stay in one room, it has a total area of 42 sqm and can accommodate up to 4 guests.
  • Studio with Loft

    Best for a small group wanting to have more room to breathe and relax, this accommodation has a total floor area of 68 sqm and can house a maximum of 4 people. It is located at Paseo de Escolta and offers an indulgent view of the plaza.
  • Family Suite

    Recommended for families wanting to bond over a historical vacation, the Family suite spans a total of 45 sqm and can accommodate up to 6 guests. It is located at the Estero de Binondo and offers a view of Plaza Marcelino (river view) and beach front.
  • Executive Suites

    Located at the Paseo de Escolta with the view of the Plaza and gazebo, the Executive Suites are ideal for families taking a vacation. Spanning 120 sqm in size, this Las Casas Bataan room type can accommodate a maximum of 6 guests.

Private Casas

  • Casa Tondo

    Built sometime in the 1900’s, Casa Tondo has the typical structural design of the houses in old Manila. The main feature of the house is its “media agua”, or the roof above the windows that resembles a canopy. It offers a good view of the plaza where it is located, and can accommodate up to 6 adults.
  • Casa Lemery

    Named after a municipality in Batangas, Casa Lemery is one of the rather artistic casas in the vicinity. Notable for its caryatids which are columns shaped in the form of women, this accommodation has a total of 2 bedrooms and can accommodate a maximum of 4 adults.
  • Casa Esquina

    This 2-storey casa offers a peep at Spanish royalty living. Taking pride in its luxurious furniture design and intricate fixtures from ceiling, wall, to floor. Equipped with grandiose features that include an old-world inspired bathing area, this accommodation has 2 bedrooms and can host up to 4 adults.
  • Casa Terraza

    One of the more petite casas, Casa Terraza serves as a perfect nook for couples wanting a getaway from the busy city. With a small terrace, romantic draperies and a beach front view, nothing gets more romantic than staying in this casa. Equipped with a four-poster bed and 2 single tubs, it can accommodate up to 2 adults.
  • Casa Bonita

    Its name may be derived from the Spanish term for “small” but nothing about its interior is short of grandiose. Its doors lead to a spacious studio-type accommodation fully equipped with a luxurious bed and an extravagant bathroom with two bath tubs. This casa can host up to 2 adults.
  • Casa Binondo I

    This 2-storey casa takes pride in its featured artwork displayed on its 2nd floor. These paintings called the Noveau Paintings give you the perfect artistic feels of the Spanish period. Equipped with a balcony, it provides a good nook for relaxation and offers a beautiful view of the Plaza. It accommodates up to 8 people making it perfect for families on vacation.
  • Casa Binondo II

    Originally built during the 1900s, this casa was erected in Binondo, Manila. A smaller version of Casa Binondo I, its architecture serve as a reflection of the typical structural design of houses in the country’s capital during the Spanish colonization. It can host up to a maximum of 6 adults.
  • Casa Jaen II

    Built in 1901 by Hilarion Santiago Esquivel, Casa Jaen was called the White House being the residence of the first Mayor of Jaen. A 2-storey house located at the plaza, it has 2 guest rooms on the ground floor and 1 guest room on its second floor. It can house up to a maximum of 10 guests.
  • Casa Meycauayan

    Casa Meycuayan was initially built in San Fernando, Pampanga in 1913 and was later moved to Meycauayan after being purchased by Rogelio Urrutia. The main attraction of this house is the pineapple motif on the ceiling made from plain metal sheet. It has 2 rooms on the ground floor and 3 rooms on its second floor, and accommodates up to 10 adults.
  • Casa Baliuag

    Highly floral in motif, the house was owned by Kapitan Fernando Vergel de Dios who had two wives and a total of 21 children in his lifetime. The lower part of the house was called “luwasan” because this is where Bulakeños waited for their ride to Manila. Located at the plaza, this casa can accommodate up to 8 adults.
  • Casa Ladrillo

    One of the biggest infrastructure in the resort, this casa is characterized by its rustic yet classic design. Its most prominent feature is its orange brick facade inspired by the structures of European architecture. It has a total of 3 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 6 adults.
  • Casa San Miguel

    Originally from San Miguel, Bulacan, this casa was built in the 1900s and was owned by the Buencamino Family and was transferred to the resort in 2009. The staircase, which was originally at the back of the house, was repositioned to the front as the owner’s attempt to highlight its beauty. This Bataan resort casa has 5 rooms and can accommodate up to 10 people.
  • Casa Byzantina

    Casa Byzantina was originally found in San Nicolas, Binondo. Considered as a floral “bahay na bato”, this house made use of revivalist styles in the form of influences from neo-styles of Renaissance, Baroque, Byzantine, Romanesque, Neo-Mudejar. This casa is located at the plaza and can accommodate up to 16 guests.

Heritage Tour

  • Monday to Thursday Heritage Tour

    PHP 1,500.00
    Take a breather from the bustling metropolis life and see the old-world charm that our casas have to offer.
  • Weekend Heritage Tour (Saturday & Sunday)

    PHP 2,500.00
    Spice up your weekends up by going on an immersive tour of the elite’s poperties during the colonial era.
  • Friday Heritage Tour

    PHP 1,850.00
    Get the opportunity to experience history first hand as our tour guides let you in on the stories of each structure.
  • Balsa Cruise (min of 4, max of 12)

    PHP 500.00
    Hop on our Balsa Tour and cruise around the property through a fluvial stroll that resembles the gondola rides of Venice. Behold the elegance of the casas as you leisurely glide along the Umangol River. (Price is per person)
  • Balsa Night Tour (prior reservation)

    PHP 500.00
    Surround yourself with the presence of brick walls and arched bridges that make the whole experience an intimate and romantic one. (starts at 6PM)

Water Activities

  • Kayak (1 hour)

    PHP 700.00
    Paddle along the Umagol River and marvel at the grand infrastructures of Las Casas. (Good for 2 persons)
  • Kayak (30 mins)

    PHP 400.00
    Paddle along the Umagol River and marvel at the grand infrastructures of Las Casas. (Good for 2 persons)
  • Jetski (1 hour)

    PHP 4,500.00
  • Jetski (30 mins)

    PHP 2,500.00
  • Banana Boat (good for 8 persons)

    PHP 2,800.00
  • Ban Wagon (good for 6 persons)

    PHP 2,800.00
  • Flying Fish (good for 6 persons)

    PHP 2,800.00
  • U.F.O. (good for 6 persons)

    PHP 2,800.00


2 weeks ago
It's a 3 from Manila but the beautiful landscape and greenery along the way definitely makes up for it. They offer a guided walking tour but I think exploring the beautiful and ancestral houses on your own is much better. Definitely highly recommended for tourists. Just make sure to bring an umbrella and a jug of cold water 😊
- Margarita L
2 weeks ago
It was an enjoyable experience even though it was raining during our stay. We had a tour around the old houses. The short show was great. We suggest to include prosciutto and melon in the Italian restaurant menu.
- Juan C
17 hours ago
An amazing resort complex in Bataan, Philippines! The beach is great, and the restored historic buildings are not only important in Philippine history, but such fun to stay in! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous landscaping to boot! As McArthur proclaimed, I shall return!
- Dino R

About us

Travel back to Old Manila when you step foot in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. Home to Jose Acuzar’s collection of restored Spanish-Filipino houses, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar showcases the best of Filipino heritage and culture.

Each casa comes from an elite and notable accesoria that has its own story to tell. Marvel at the unique Filipino craftsmanship used in the restoration of each house through an interactive heritage tour.

The only property in the Philippines to be part of Historic Hotels Worldwide, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar serves as a bridge between the rich history of the Spanish colonial era and the contemporary luxury and comfort of a modern hotel.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is part of the Conde Nast Johansens Luxury Global Collection and Peninsula Hotel’s Pencities Luxe Guide. This Bagac Bataan beach resort is also the Asia Awards of Excellence winner for Asia’s most excellent destination for 2017 and is a project of the New San Jose Builders, Inc. in consultancy with Asian Grand Legacy Hotels.

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